Sunday, October 16, 2011

Toothpick Art

Stan Munro, who lives in Syracuse, NY, creates complex architectural renderings of famous building, towers and temples using ordinary toothpicks and glue. His website is very informative, with a large photo gallery of his more than 100 works of art.

Here are a some of them:

The CN Tower, Toronto:

Grundtvig's Church, Copenhagen, Denmark

and The Woolworth Building, NYC

Asked how he got started in toothpick construction, Munro said he got hooked in a Grade 5 classroom when the teacher asked the students to build a toothpick tower that would support the weight of an egg. Reminds me of another Grade 5 classroom at PJ Jr. Public School,

Munro's constructions are on display all over the world and he is presently looking for a place for a permanent display. One possiblility is Toronto.