Thursday, August 15, 2013

Thelma and Louise

Maybe you read about this turtle in the newspaper.....

This is (These are?) Thelma and Louise, a two-headed Texas Cooter Turtle, born June 18 at the San Antonio Zoo.
Two-headed turtles are not uncommon - just a result of an incomplete separation of twin embryos. Thelma and Louise have attracted a lot of interest and have their own Facebook Page .

Visitors to the Facebook Page will find updates on the girls' condition and also information and alerts about other turtles around the world, such as this rescue of this confused loggerhead sea turtle in Hilton Head.
Then there's this story from July 29 that I found about a man in China who tried to smuggle his pet turtle disguised as a hamburger packed into a KFC bag onto an airplane. Apparently he couldn't bear to leave his beloved pet behind. He had to though.