Thursday, September 5, 2013

Is Fowl Foul?

Canadian Thanksgiving is just over a month away. Time to think about poultry!

Do you wash your roasting chicken before prepping it for the oven? I have always rinsed chickens and turkeys, inside and out, before roasting. It just felt right. I wonder if I'm a rinser because my mother was....

The late great Julia Child promoted chicken-rinsing and her word was gospel, wasn't it?

One thing I would NEVER (shudder!!) do, is plop my raw chicken on a wooden cutting board or touch my glasses without first thoroughly washing my hands.
Now food safety experts are telling us NOT to wash the chicken, washing being both unnecessary and possibly even less safe, since the  process of rinsing the bird can cause bacteria on the skin of the chicken to be spread to other surfaces in the kitchen, even as far as 3 feet away.

Apparently the most important thing to remember is to cook the chicken or turkey to the correct internal temperature before removing it from the oven: 165°F, according to both the FDA and Health Canada.

I'm not sure I'm convinced and old habits are hard to break.