Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Casting Off My Womb

This is the time of year when wombs are often mentioned (or at least it was when I prepared this post just before Christmas ;) That is one of my rationales for posting this piece today. I know some might find this video distasteful in the extreme and I hope my blog doesn't get flooded (snort!) with comments from outraged visitors.

Recently this performance was making news/waves. Thank heavens there are people in the world who push boundaries, for how else can we challenge our attitudes and grow as people, but this project by Australian performance artist Casey Jenkins might cross the line and be more than a tad shocking for many of us. Hold on, though, humour may find a way out.

On a lighter note, maybe these would be an appropriate item to knit this way:

Photo: Hahaha, a gift for someone who has "everything", bet they don't have a pair of these..... with love from Shelagh Duffett

Here's another thought: