Friday, March 7, 2014

Feeding Frenzy

Yesterday morning the weather people tweeted that the easterly wind had wrought cracks in the ice of the Great Lakes. Yay!

Lake Michigan

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Lake Huron (with Georgian Bay to the east) and Lake Erie

Lake Ontario has significantly less ice cover. Someone pointed out that even though there are cracks, they may still be quite frozen, with black ice. Nevertheless, I feel the back of winter being broken!

There's a flock of 12-15 wild turkeys living nearby and we have seen them often over the last couple weeks enjoying the crab apples on the trees opposite. Usually they just stand beneath and kind of jump up for a treat, but today they got quite serious and flew right into the branches. They must be finding the winter particularly long (who isn't!) and will be glad as the weather warms up over the next little while.