Wednesday, April 9, 2014


The 2014 Decorah Eaglets have arrived. D18 hatched last Wednesday, April 2, D19 on Thursday, April 3 and finally, D20 yesterday, April 7.

Mom and Dad are suddenly much busier, keeping the little balls of fluff warm and fed. The nest is littered with carcasses of trout, squirrels and other small prey or road-kill. I snapped these pics with my phone this afternoon.

It's slightly addictive, watching on the live-streaming (24/7) web cam , with audio and, at night, infrared lighting. Often you can watch as an operator moves the camera remotely to catch a view of the surrounding area or as he zooms in for a closer look. There are also lots of videos available to watch if you miss something. The easiest place I've found to access these, with additional information is on the Decorah Eagle Facebook page .