Thursday, August 13, 2015

Impressions of Chicago

City mouse or country mouse? I'll always choose country, but...

                                                                               ... I love exploring new places and that includes cities.

Recently I was lucky to spend a few hot but awesome sunny July days in Chicago with my granddaughter. With input from friends and websites, 11-year old Kate and I saw and experienced city in the summer - architecture, art, sights, food, informative guides and other tourists from around the world. Also, a few line-ups (be warned: buy tickets ahead of time online if at all possible)

Both of our iPhone cameras were put to excellent use.

La Grand Jatte-1884, Georges Seurat

Woman, Joan Miró, 1934

The Old Guitarist, Pablo Picasso
from his Blue Period, 1903-4

Naum Gabo, Linear Constructions 1950's

Walking Man II, Alberto Giacometti, 1960

Jackson Pollock

Georgia O'Keefe

Our last day was spent at the Chicago Botanic Garden, an extensive property with many types of gardens and plants and a butterfly conservatory. Kate took all these awesome photos.