Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Kay Pike

At the end of March, there was an article in the Toronto Star about Calgary model and artist, Kay Pike. Pike is an unusual artist, who paints herself, transforming herself with the help of brushes, paint and time into comic book characters. She is a fan of cosplay in which participants wear costumes and use accessories to look like specific characters from amine, comic books and cartoons. She even has her own company, Canada Cosplay, where aficionados can purchase gear, designed and sewn by Pike herself.

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I'm not a cosplay follower, but I'm fascinated by people who use body paint. Strange, since I'm a person who has never used cosmetics/makeup of any kind, not even lipstick. But I have quite a few posts (8, I think) on this blog that deal with body art, so go figure!

Pike has a Facebook page where she regularly post videos of herself getting into character. She also has a YouTube channel where it's easy to while away time watching her videos.

Here's one of her newest ones. It's fun to watch the transformation from woman to character. It's speeded up, so keep in mind that the entire process takes upward of 12 to 15 hours.