Thursday, October 6, 2016


Elspeth McLean is an Australian-born artist now living and working on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia, Canada. 

Paint Ocean Stones

In one way, you could say her art is quite simple: she paints dots. But the colours and patterns she uses bring a level of complexity that is mesmerizing. 

Paint Ocean Stones

Hence mandalas: cosmic drawings representing our connection to the universe.

The brilliance and depth of colour are achieved with the use of multiple layers of paint. The dots are created with the use of very fine artist brushes and the judicious loading of paint.

McLean often uses those round stones worn smooth by sand and sea to paint her mandalas and they are a popular item in her Etsy shop

Paint Ocean Stones

Other arts that McLean enjoys are acrylic painting, clay sculpting, photography, ink drawing, mural painting, textile painting and felting.

McLean's Etsy shop is well-frequented and usually sold out, so she only opens the shop sporadically and then as fast as she can load the photographs of her mandalas, they are purchased. That fast! She announces the Etsy shop openings ahead of time on this page:!mandala-stones/c3u4

Check out this page for other opportunities for finding her work as photographs and on stationery, clothing, textiles, iPhone and iPad cases, mugs and so on.