Thursday, June 22, 2017

Hadrian's Wall Path - Walton to Gilsland

13 km

This morning our host dropped us back in Walton to resume our walk.

And today we started to see actual Wall. Through the centuries much of Hadrian's Wall, particularly in the lateral east and west sections has been dismantled and repurposed for other buildings and fences. Now we are starting to see bits that are still in situ and can appreciate the massiveness of the structure. 

Before sighting the Wall though, there were more farmers fields to trudge through. Sheep, lambs, cattle and horses. Poop.

This horse had an unusual coat.

On the section of trail west of Gilsland there are a few very welcome places to get refreshments with payment by "honesty box". We could have used more of these on the central section of Hadrian's Wall Path when the sun decided to shine and we craved shade and water.

This is a kissing-gate.

A wooden stile

 A stone stile

What a beautiful countryside!

Consulting the map

We arrived at Birdoswald with little time or energy to look through it.


Our accommodation, Bush Nook, was more than a mile off the Trail so the host picked us up and delivered us to this converted barn which was completely charming. There were poppies growing everywhere.

Original beams

Bits of original stone protruding from the walls

Modern but rustic bathroom

 Definitely, a wonderful experience to stay here for a night.

This was Day 3