Saturday, October 29, 2011


We arrived in Asheville on a spectacular fall day and couldn't resist taking a few pictures of the house.

There are holly bushes in full berry everywhere in Asheville including the one you see at the corner of the house. Here's a closer view.

Here's the view across the street.

and some of the decorations.

The kids were starting to paint the pumpkins (future post)

and nearby was Spike, the praying mantis the kids found during the summer. Spike gave birth to a good-sized egg sac a few weeks ago and now spends her time eating meal worms and baby crickets. She appears to be quite intelligent. If you go near her enclosure to get a closer look, you can see her head swiveling to look at you too. It was hard to get her picture, but she hangs out near the top, so I pointed the camera downward through the top.