Saturday, December 3, 2011


From the Toronto Star on Tuesday Nov. 29: article by Bruce DeMara:

Joel Brochu has made a sweet masterpiece. Or perhaps a masterpiece made of sweets.

The Canadian fine arts student, given a project to do on pointillism — the use of small, perfect dots of colour — decided to use tiny spherical candy sprinkles, the kind one usually sees on birthday cakes or ice cream cones.

The result is an incredibly lifelike portrait of a beagle getting a bath — at least from a distance. A close-up look reveals the tiny bits used to construct it, 221,184 in all. The portrait uses only red, orange, green, blue, black, and white.

A close-up of the beagle's muzzle

A computer-generated image, covered with double-sided sticky tape was used as a template. The sprinkles were then added, using jewellery tweezers and then overlaid with a thin layer of glue.

The work took just under eight months to complete, Brochu said. Once finished, it was permanently preserved with a clear acrylic resin.