Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Is Information Sacred?

A group, labeling its members Kopimists, has claimed religious status in Sweden. Followers believe that file sharing is holy and information, sacred. Among its sacred rituals are the keyboard shortcuts for "copy" (Ctrl -C) and "paste" (Ctrl-V)

While some of us may view this new religion as a joke, its believers are quite serious. A Swedish philosophy student, 20-yr. old Isak Gerson, has been appointed to the religion's highest office, Spiritual Leader and official rites, such as marriage, could follow.

Kopimists also exist in North America, where they meet in offices or on-line for worship. Worship involves an exchange of information and privacy is key. This article in the Toronto Star on Feb. 5 suggests that Kopimism may be a cover-up for on-line piracy.

Agni Ortez, a 49-y.r old British Columbia businessman and Kopimist Spiritual Leader for the Americas insists that Kopimism is more than just a philosophy, since members are very heartfelt about it, but David Reed, a Professor Emeritus at the University of Toronto and a researcher into new religious movements, states that Kopimism would not fit the definition of religion since there is no spiritual deity involved. Information, while powerful, is still created by humans.

Who, I would ask, created gods?