Friday, March 15, 2013

Dangers of Magnets

I always knew that a small magnet would be dangerous if ingested by a baby, but this video really makes the danger real. When a child swallows two or more of those small ball-like magnets or the small discs used for fridge magnets or the small magnets that are part of some toys, the magnets clump together, trapping tissue between them. When they pass into the bowel, the loops of the bowel can become attached, a condition that is potentially fatal if not diagnosed.

Take the time, if you can, to watch this video from CTV news (sorry about the commercial message, though).

Here's another video geared for older kids and teens. Yes, teens....they have been known to put two of the small ball magnets in their nose or lips to simulate piercing. Unfortunately, the magnets can get inhaled or swallowed by accident. High-Powered Magnets Swallowing by Kids = Deadly

This magnet warning isn't new  - a few years ago some of the dangerous toys were removed from the market. This information, though, could help in avoiding a dangerous and highly inconvenient event.