Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Marathon Run

Some people do the most amazing things!

Ray Zahab of Chelsea, Quebec has been training intensively over the last year to make the run of a lifetime: 2300 km. across the Gobi Desert (Mongolia and China). It would take me a lifetime - of course I'd be walking ;) but his plan is to cover the distance in 1 month.

Zahab, 44 years old, is not new to runs in the desert; seven years ago he ran 7500 km. across the Sahara Desert in 111 days.

His plan is to run 70 to 80 km. per day....in sand and facing extremes of temperature, sandstorms and severe winds. In doing so he hopes to be of inspiration to others to help them realize that they too can do something extraordinary in their lives. The way that he will do this is through his non-profit organization impossible2Possible .

Zahab will have a support vehicle that will hopefully meet up with him at the end of each day. He plans to video his interactions with people and to create videos of his campsite and food, editing and uploading footage at night onto his website, gobi2013.com .

Inspired in part by Chris Hadfield's recent ISS experience, he will blog and tweet to share his journey with us.

Zahab's story is told in more detail and much more eloquently than I can manage here . He and his running partner, Kevin Lin, started their run on June 23.

Some of the pictures already posted are interesting. Here, for example is the way to transport your horses efficiently in Mongolia.

and a bystander...

There are lots more photos on the website: gobi2013.com.