Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Art of Lego

A year and a half ago I showed you a Lego Supreme Court of Canada .
This time it's sculptures by Nathan Sawaya , a New York artist. Some of his works are 3-dimensional and life size: 

at Design Indaba, Cape Town, S. Africa

Others are one-dimensional:
Watermelon Mosaic
All are made with standard Lego bricks. Sawaya buys bricks and also puts to use bricks that people no longer want.
His works are of an enormous variety and are exhibited in shows and galleries around the world.
T. Rex
Sawaya's website is great fun to browse through. His comments accompany each sculpture. For example he says about the heart at the top:

 Have a heart. I built this heart shape using recycled LEGO bricks that folks have donated. Rather than let their old bricks become trash, I was happy to take them off their hands and transform them into artwork. Keep your heart open, one brick at a time.