Thursday, September 26, 2013

Remember Ann?


Ann Makosinski is the young scientist we first noticed in July when she demonstrated her innovative flashlight powered only by the heat of the human hand. At that time the Grade 10 student from Victoria, BC was looking forward to participating in the Google Science Fair 2013, an annual international event.

Ann is a science fair veteran and must have wowed the judges because she was one of the big winners this year, coming first in her 15/16 year old category. Winning in her age group means a $25,000 scholarship which will enable her to continue her passion for science and electronics.

Other winners included Eric Chen, a 17-year old American, winning both his age category and the grand prize for his anti-flu medicine, 16-year old Elif Bilgin of Turkey, who created bioplastics from banana peels and 14-year old Viney Kumar of Australia who came up with a new signalling device for emergency vehicles.