Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Indian Wisdom 1

Gavin Aung Than is an Aussie freelance cartoonist who has the web site Zen Pencils where he takes inspirational quotes (if you have a favourite, you may submit it to him) and transforms them into cartoons. Prints of his creations are available through my Society6 store. He even has free posters available. The one below is not one of them and I have used it without permission, but I think more people should know about his work. Tomorrow I'll post another one. After that you'll have to subscribe to his site or otherwise check him out. Gavin's inspirational cartoons have the power to change lives.

132. JIDDU KRISHNAMURTI: Don’t compare yourself to others 

Jiddu Krishnamurti (1895-1986) was a philosopher, writer and lecturer. As a young boy in India, Krishnamurti was groomed by the Theosophical Society for 20 years to be the ‘World Teacher’, a spiritual saviour they believed appeared on Earth periodically to propel humankind to a higher evolutionary stage. A special organisation, the Order of the Star, was formed to herald the ‘arrival’ of Krishnamurti as World Teacher. Little did they know that Krishnamurti had no intentions of being a messiah, and in a famous speech in 1929, Krishnamurti told everyone ‘thanks, but no thanks’ and disbanded the Order of the Star, cut all allegiances with the Theosophical society and spent the next 50-plus years travelling the world, writing and lecturing.