Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Ski Season

Time for a little downhill skiing.


J.T. Holmes was featured recently on 60 minutes making an awesome descent of the Eiger in the Swiss Alps involving 3 different sports The 60 Minutes website has the video and also the video of making the video, also amazing. It is entirely worth taking the time to look at these videos.

Unfortunately, a 60 Minutes video isn't available for a blogger like me (though Holmes has it on his Facebook Page) but I found this video on YouTube and it's awesome too.

J.T Holmes is an American extreme skier based in Squaw Valley. He's a self-described athlete, stunt man and fun-haver. Also a thrill-seeker and risk-taker. 

Here's another awesome "run", filmed at the end of November in Lake Tahoe. By the occasional weird sound of his voice, though, it might be in slo-mo. All the more time to enjoy the views.

Who said man couldn't fly!

Holmes has his own YouTube channel where there are lots of other amazing videos of the adventures he gets up to. All great if you happen to have snow.