Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Nova Scotia Lighthouse Project

Peggy's Cove Lighthouse is one of the world's iconic lighthouses and every year hosts thousands of visitors clambering over its rocky point, many of them looking for that perfect photo angle. Nova Scotia is home to more than 150 lighthouses and like most around the world, since they have been automated there are no longer any lighthouse keepers.

Many of these lighthouses, suffering from shoreline erosion and general neglect, are in need of reconstruction or coats of paint, so in 1994 concerned citizens stepped up to form the Nova Scotia Lighthouse Preservation Society (NSLPS). The NSLPS website is full of information about the province's lighthouses, which ones are open to visitors, maps, lighthouse sounds, reading lists and more.

The Original Cape Forchu Lighthouse
Original Cape Forchu Lighthouse near Yarmouth, also known as The Old Yarmouth Light

Cape Forchu Lighthouse rebuilt in 1961, automated and destaffed in 1993

Enter Larry Peyton and Cory Webb, Nova Scotians passionate about the beauty of their province. Peyton, an enthusiastic drone "hobbyist" and Webb, a musician, have undertaken to film Nova Scotia's lighthouses, using a drone, then to put them to music and make them available for us to see.

Drone-flying and filming can be a challenge in a coastal climate, so the whole project will take some time to complete. They often set out on what seems like a perfect day, only to arrive at the destination lighthouse to find it engulfed in fog or rough weather, or just too windy. So far, though, they have more than a dozen videos ready to view on their website, with plans for at least 100 more.

Here's a February 2016 video of the Coldspring Head Lighthouse first built in 1890 and located on the Amherst Shore overlooking the Northumberland Strait.

What I love about this video:
  • the map
  • the great views of the shoreline as well as all aspects of the lighthouse itself
  • seeing the guys and their car on the ground ;)
  • Cory Webb`s instrumentals

And here's one from November 2015: the Cape Forchu Lighthouse, same one as in the photos above:

For lots more lighthouse videos, be sure to click on the link above.

By the way, you can follow Peyton and Webb on Twitter @NoKaOiDroneGuys 

Cape d'Or