Thursday, July 28, 2016

France: Impressions of a Visit to an Organic Winery

Back on one of the early onboard days, we had an excursion to Oingt and a Beaujolais organic winery. Vins Biologiques.

First, though, our guide gave us a lesson in pronouncing Oingt: Start with the beginning of the word "one" or "would" or "wah" (baby's cry) : "oi". Then finish with an "ng" sound at the back of your throat. Make it short: "oing"! Oingt.

The village of Oingt, only 30 km from Lyon, is a restored mediaeval village in the Pays des Pierres Dorées, the area known for its use of local limestone containing iron oxide for building and giving structures a lovely golden hue.

Nearby, a vineyard

The owner gave a brief talk about producing wine, then it was indoors for what we were all waiting for: wine tasting!

One of the couples on our tour were owners of a winery in Eugene, Oregon

Afterwards, while everybody was struggling over which wine(s) they would buy

 I looked around at the various collections. 

Des Outils Agricole (Tools)

Des Sabots

Des Panniers

Wondering what on earth that old macrame is all about - so wide! and what for?

Below is the macrame in use - placed strategically over the team of oxen so that the fringe would help keep flies out of their eyes.