Thursday, August 4, 2016

France: Impressions of Perpignan

We disembarked from Amadagio in Arles, boarded a coach and were off on the day-long trip to Barcelona. The highlight of the day was Perpignan, a French town near the Spanish border which was just delightful on such a pleasant day in the spring sunshine. 

I enjoyed the Plat du jour: daily special: a delicious seafood salad.


We were sitting at a table on the wide sidewalk beside the canal. This was our view.

Dessert anyone?

I chose one of those large green (pistachio - my fave!) macarons. I actually took it "to go" and enjoyed it later once we arrived in Barcelona. Oh yum!!

 After lunch, we strolled the old city streets for awhile before meeting our group back at the bus for the continuation of our journey

The sidewalk was marbled tiles.

We were waiting for our bus right next to an ice cream stand and admired the artistic way it is displayed.