Thursday, October 13, 2016

Road Construction

Cottage season has ended for another year. We are back home and connected to wifi again - Yay! So I thought I'd post these pics of the road our neighbour to the east decided was necessary for his access. It travels mostly on our property and involved quite a few days of large machinery and tree-felling, rock-moving, brush-clearing, grading etc. In other words, it was pretty noisy. 

This was the view looking up from the Journey parking spot.

The digger is sitting in the area where our new (extra) parking spot is since the first one has become part of the new road.

This photo with the tail of my car peeking out is looking toward the cottage just at the point where the single extra parking spot used to be which is now where the new road diverges to the right toward the neighbour. 

Here's another shot angled eastward down the new road.

And here is the new parking spot just up the hill from our regular parking area. See that big rock? - piece of cake for the machinery they had.

 The road construction was finished by the Thursday before Thanksgiving, for which we gave thanks! This large roller was parked in our second extra lot over the weekend. They picked it up first thing Tuesday morning.

In this next photo, I was walking east toward the neighbour's parking area. You can see where the new road joins up with it, heading up the hill. And it's quite a hill! We question whether or not it's a usable incline for vehicles. Time will tell I guess.

I decided to walk up the hill. In this photo it doesn't look all that steep, does it? Trust me - it's very steep! Those ruts you can see were made by the only vehicle that has attempted the climb - a construction worker's heavy-duty AWD pick-up. I noticed that the guys did a great job cleaning up all the fallen wood and brush.

The road is really quite short. At the top of the hill, it curves around, still upward to the original road.

The road crew broke our phone line twice. The first break was quickly patched. The second break was more serious, requiring Bell to string a wire and support cable between the 3 poles between the neighbour to the west and us. The guys in this truck arrived on Wednesday, just as we were thinking we were ready to lock up and head home with all our stuff.