Thursday, December 22, 2016

Nutshell and Behind Closed Doors

Nutshell  29437949

Since this unlikely pair of books both revolve around murder plots and I just happened to read them back-to-back, I'm reviewing them together. There are some interesting likenesses and differences.

The main similarity is that both are murder plots. In Nutshell there is an observer of the planning. In Behind Closed Doors, the prospective murderer plots alone.

The main protagonist of Nutshell is an unnamed fetus with remarkably adult observations and thoughts about the intrigue around him/her. 

The main character of Behind Closed Doors is a young woman who finds herself in a terrifying situation with the man who has tricked her into marriage and she has to find a way to save both herself and her mentally challenged younger sister. The author, B.A. Paris has a blockbuster of a first novel. You might read this book in one sitting - it's that good.

Both storylines are riveting - I could hardly put either book down. Behind Closed Doors is what you would call a quick read - all about the desperate housewife and whether she will find a way to safety. Nutshell, on the other hand, is more of a book to savour. The writing is clever, the words are carefully chosen and the syntax is intricate. Multiple award-winning English author, Ian McEwan is an experienced master craftsman. Nutshell is a treat to read, but take your time and enjoy the subtleties. 

Do the murders come to fruition? Aha....that would be telling!

Final similarities: 

Neither book is believable. It IS fiction. 

Both enjoyable reading? Absolutely!