Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Blind Date with a Book

My local library is on Facebook and Twitter. The other day I saw this: 

So yesterday, Valentine's Day, I headed to there to return some books and pick up a hold and found the special Valentine's promotion on a centrally-located shelf where there were some books wrapped in brown paper decorated with valentines etc. and a written hint as to what might be inside. What fun! Heh heh, what a novel idea ;)

I sorted through them and chose this one.'s not like I'm lacking a book to read - there are many on my TBR list. But sometimes it's fun to read something unplanned. I opened the paper and found this.

The blurb on the inside of the front cover invites us to ask ourselves, "what would you give up for a friend's happiness?" In this case, two female friends have their friendship tested by Ben, an old friend of one that falls for the other. 
Oh dear, this might be a chick lit novel (shudder!) I'll let you know.