Thursday, March 28, 2013


The Decorah eagles are in their new nest this year and have been sitting on eggs for the past few weeks. Since there hasn't yet been an opportunity to install a camera at the "yonder" nest, there's no way of knowing how many eggs there are or whether any eggs have hatched yet, but indications are, using long distance video, that there is now at least one new eaglet in the nest. The adults have been spending more time adjusting things in the nest bowl, rotating eggs and arranging the soft material to be just so, installing more sticks as rails on the edge of the gigantic nest and arriving at the nest with prey.

This video is wonderful, not only in terms of what mom and dad are doing, but for its ethereal quality and to really appreciate how magnificent these birds are.

There's good news in Ontario: the first pair of eagles in decades to build a nest on the Canadian side of Lake Ontario has hatched (possibly) 2 eaglets. The nest is located in Cootes Paradise Dundas, Ontario, part of the Royal Botanical Garden. Here's a recent picture of the proud parents:

Several years after first making the Cootes Paradise Nature Sanctuary home, a pair of bald eagles have managed to hatch young.