Saturday, March 30, 2013

Just in time for Easter

Chris Sweeney says a border guard told him he could be fined $2,500 per egg.

Remember these treats? KinderSurprise. My kids used to really love them, not just for the candy outside, but for the small toy surprise inside the yellow plastic "yolk". Manufactured by the Italian company, Ferrero, Kindereggs are still available at Canadian stores and throughout Europe, but they have never been sold in the US where there is a ban on food wrapped around non-food, considered a choking hazard.

In fact, don't try to take them across the border to the US for your special kids who live there. If border agents find them, not only will your KinderSurprises be confiscated, you could be fined $2500 for each egg found in your luggage.

Not only that, it will cost you hours of your time and loads of embarrassment and frustration.