Thursday, November 13, 2014

Naked Rambler Update

Remember the Naked Rambler in the UK? Refresh your memory here. His name is Stephen Gough and he believes that he (and anyone else who agrees with him) has the right to walk on the public footpaths in Britain without clothing. In fact, he thinks public nudity should be a human right.

Naked Rambler

He has probably spent as much time incarcerated as he has walking and now he has found out that British courts do not agree that he has the right to be naked in a public place. At the end of October the court ruled that his public nudity goes beyond the bounds of acceptable behavior and could be "alarming and morally and otherwise offensive" to others.

Gough, a former marine nicknamed the "Naked Rambler," has twice walked the length of Britain, with frequent interruptions for arrests, court appearances and jail time. He has served multiple sentences for appearing nude in places, including courts and an airplane.

Gough called the judgment a disappointment but added: "I have no choice but to continue."