Saturday, December 6, 2014

Christmas Crafts

Every December I come down with a craft bug. I have very little skill or creativity in that area, but I always enjoy making stuff.

The other day, on my way out of the library, I saw a display of Christmas books, including one on home-made crafts, so I brought it home and had fun leafing through it. Two ideas caught on.

These snowflakes are made out of ordinary printer paper, cut and glued - so easy. I should have taken a photo before I put them in the window. Actually, I think that real snowflakes have only 6 points, so these are a bit of a lie, but still pretty.

They show up better against the night outside.

This heart wreath is made with cranberries threaded onto two wires and bound with raffia. The little mason jar has a battery-powered tea-light inside.

Making it reminded me of all those years I used to thread popcorn and cranberries into a garland for the Christmas tree.

Here it is at night.

Of course, there's no end of ideas on Pinterest. I thought this little tree would be easy to put together. I think it was a suggested craft for a toddler learning to tie shoes. I used an old cinnamon stick I found in my spice drawer, but it would be cute with a twig too. I ran out of Christmas-y ribbon, otherwise I might have made a few more. I'll check out Michaels for a supply of ribbon for next year.