Saturday, January 24, 2015

Get to Know Laureen Harper

Most Canadians will know that Prime Minister Stephen Harper's other half is Laureen Harper and some of us may even know that she loves riding her motorcycle, which might be a clue to the fact that she's not your usual head-of-state spouse.

And did you know that the Prime Minister's Office has a YouTube channel? It's called "24 Seven". Apparently this is the Government's way to improve the PM's image and he features on all of the videos.

This week's video features the much-more-interesting Laureen. Take a look:

It's unfortunate that there seemed to be such a time constraint. Unlike all the politicians that she lives with or near in Ottawa, her answers to the 24 questions were mostly one-word and we (I) would like to have heard a bit more. Also, I think an inside (and also an outside in the summer) tour of 24 Sussex Dr. would be well-received by all Canadians, who, afterall, have contributed through taxes to the refurbishment, decorating and on-going maintenance of the Prime Minister's Residence, but are never invited to go inside.