Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Sleeping Children Around the World

There are many good charities to consider. Here is one that I'm especially fond of.

Sleeping Children Around the World
is one of the greatest charities based in Canada. Founded by Dr. Murray and Margaret Dryden (parents of the hockey-playing Drydens) more than 40 years ago, the charity, through donations, provides bedkits to children of any race or religion in underdeveloped or developing countries around the world.

No portion of a bedkit donation is used for administration. When you donate $35 for a bedkit, 100% of that donation pays for a bedkit containing a mat or mattress, pillow, sheet, blanket, mosquito net where needed, clothing and school supplies. Contents of the bedkit vary per country and are purchased within that country to help boost the local economy.

Canadian volunteers, paying their own ways, travel to the country to facilitate distribution of the bedkits. and a photograph of each child with a bedkit is mailed to the donor.

This new 3 minute promotional video is short but inspiring.