Friday, April 10, 2015

Technical Stuff

Please Notice:

This blogger is not a techie!

After many people have complained about not being able to leave a comment on Some Favourite Things, I did a little (admittedly, very little) research (t-y Google) and attempted to install a comments platform onto this blog.

An hour or maybe two hours later, I think I have improved the commenting capability by installing Disqus. Of course, nothing is ever simple and I actually had to go in and edit the HTML of the template widget. Gaaaa....!! I think it works, but where's Jacquie when I need her! ;) (Full Disclosure: Jacquie didn't know anything about this until now)

If you would like to leave a comment, please first make sure that you click on the title of the post you would like to comment on so that it's the only one open in your browser window. Then scroll to the bottom and look for the comment window where you can share your wisdom and insights. Follow the prompts and that's all there is to it. I hope.

Improvements and edits are likely.