Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Boundless

The Boundless

All Aboard!

Pack your bag, grab your ticket (it's in the back of the book) and get ready for a cross-Canada adventure on the most wonderful train you've ever heard of. 

It's 7 miles long and on board are all sorts of wonders including a full circus with wild animals, clowns, stilt-walkers, acrobats and magicians. Also on board for this maiden journey on the newly finished trans-Canada railway are some famous Canadians, Cornelius Van Horne, Sam Steele and even a young Sasquatch.

Ride along with young teen Will as he zips through time zones, encountering adventure and mayhem, tunnels and muskeg (don't forget to avoid looking a muskeg hag in the eyes), sasquatches, angry natives, and avalanches. Jump with him from one car to another on the top of the train to avoid murderous brakemen and to help Mr. Dorian, the M├ętis circus ringmaster break into the funeral carriage.

Yes, it's a great adventure for all ages, 8 and up.