Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Charli's Crafty Kitchen

More YouTube fun: adorable sisters in Australia with weekly " cooking videos".

CharlisCraftyKitchen began in 2012 when Charli was 6 years old and Ashlee was 3. Charli, now 9, has always been passionate about her craft and being in front of a camera. Ash, now 6, enjoys being chief taste tester.

Charli and Ashlee will teach you how to make some great party foods that are simple and cute. There are tutorials for every occasion! Cake pops, cupcake toppers, party favours, cake decorating and easy no bake recipes. Lots of great ideas for being in the kitchen with kids.

By the way, in case you're wondering....

According to Outrigger's estimates, Charli's channel generates an average of $127,777 in ad revenue per month. That's taking into account YouTube's cut of revenue. The channel gets an average of 29 million views each month — in March, it had 29,133,270. Source: Business Insider