Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Who doesn't love elephants! There's so much to say about them - you've likely heard it all before: their sense of family, their caring, intelligence and memory. Their shrinking habitat, their vulnerability to poachers, their decreasing numbers.....

We humans need to take steps now to ensure that elephants continue to be cared for both in the wild and in captivity. Of course around the world are many already doing just that, zoos and sanctuaries, both here in North America and in Africa and Asia, people like former TV game show host and animal rights activist, Bob Barker and my niece, Wendy who uses part of her busy retirement to volunteer with elephants at the zoo in Portland, Oregon. This zoo recently opened a new habitat and pool for their elephants. See videos and more about that here (the making of Elephant Lands) and here (a baby elephant's first swim in the new pool) and on the zoo's YouTube channel.

There are so many wonderful elephant videos to watch, This is one that Judy sent me awhile back. It's about a remarkable cooperation between man and beast at Mfuwe Lodge in Zambia. More info here.