Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Fragile Knitting

These "in-progress"  knittings are colourful....and delicate. They're made of glass!

In a complicated procedure involving a bit of knitting as well as casting, mold-making and baking in a high-temperature kiln, the artist, Canadian-born but Seattle-based Carol Milne, has created some fascinating one-of-a-kind works of art.

If you're as fascinated by these wondrous tongue-in-cheek sculptures as I am, have a look at This is Colossal where there's a bit more information with photos and a great Vimeo video where Milne explains a bit about the "knitting" process.

Baskets & Bowls - Dream Kiln-Cast lead crystal knitted glass

See more photos and get more detailed information here. Her website features some interesting videos
and her Facebook page keeps us up-to-date on her events.

  • Where can I see her art?
    Check out the galleries page, videos page, and there is always her Seattle studio, by appointment.
    She has also created a few art books.
  •  contact Carol Milne
    Send an email: carol@carolmilne.com