Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Fun with Photography

Today I'm here to confess that I'm a lurker. On Instagram. I've had an account for awhile now but never posted anything there myself. I just follow people I find interesting. Some family members, some celebrities, and, well here are some samples of photos from some of the people I follow. Just in case you might be inspired to get the Instagram app for your phone and find some awesome photographs too.

First up, Needles and Leaves: I love succulents and here's why! So beautiful!

Nature photos:  

Babies and dogs sleeping:

This is Theo and Beau. Theo's a shelter dog and he and Beau hit it off when they were both still babies and they just had to nap together. Then a baby sister, Evvie arrived on the scene and for a while, all three napped together.

Now that Beau is bigger and no longer needs an afternoon nap, Theo is so grateful to spend that quality time with the baby. 

Next, food (can you tell I like this category a lot?): 

Boxers, of course:

Jann Arden, a staunch Albertan, has more than 600 posts for #jannsroad in all seasons:

Alan Cumming is always doing something weird and wonderful:

And this little cartoon usually has something to smile about:

Then there are 11-year old granddaughter, K's drawings. She's into a specific genre (manga/anime) at the moment but is pretty awesome at drawing just about anything.