Thursday, June 23, 2016

France: Impressions of Vitré

Vitré is a small town south-east of Saint-Malo, east of Rennes, all part of Brittany, all dating from Roman times or earlier, with improvements during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. The "old city" has narrow streets with half-timbered buildings and a castle.

We stayed in the charming family-run Hotel Le Petit Billot.

The restaurant, Le Kat'Season, next door is apparently very well-regarded, but sadly it (and many other restaurants) are closed on Mondays, the day we were there.

Detail of our cute bedroom

The view across the street from Le Petit Billot

The street the hotel is on is lined with artfully trimmed plane trees.

Just a couple doors away from Le Petit Billot, this giant wisteria

These signs were just outside the train station in the centre of town in case you wanted to know which way to go. 

Then there's the castle

It has a moat

and a drawbridge

and a large interior courtyard

with interesting windows

We loved Vitré's narrow cobblestone streets

Graffiti is a fact of life in France, as much as anywhere.

One of my favourites below