Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Hadrian's Wall Path - Chesters to Wallhouses

16 Km

This was another long day culminating in a difficult walk through what was supposed to be a path but turned out to be less than a track along the edge of a field on the way to our B and B for the night. Then we came to a gate that seemed to be locked. We managed the gate, finally, and ended up at what seemed to be a horse farm. 

But first: 

It was another glorious day of sunny weather. We met the maintenance crew, cutting grass in a very precise way, making sure the buried parts of the Wall are not walked on, as they say, "preserving the archaeology". Tony Miller, retired, is a volunteer. 

We found this spot for our picnic lunch.

This was our lunchtime view! 

One of the reasons to get fit before walking is to manage the stiles. Some of them are challenging when your knees are sore, especially after 15 or more previous stiles! 

As always, we kept eyes out for the Acorn. 

There was a bit of road walking
 but then we ended up walking in the Vallum, the ditch to the north side of the Wall.

Here's the sign indicating the way to our accommodation.

This was the field we walked along, hot and tired, down to the wood, then through the wood to a gate. Closed and seemingly locked. (It was just our lack of engineering ability - the gate was not locked and Wendy eventually figured it out)

It wasn't easy, but eventually, we met our hosts Struan and Jenny who were in the midst of a family health crisis along with an imminent horse show for Struan. They were awesome in spite of being preoccupied with other things. Struan arranged for us to eat dinner at the Brewery next door (we were the only ones eating there!) instead of having to walk a mile back through that field to the road to the Robin Hood Pub and back again. The dinner was excellent and we were extremely grateful for it and to have an early night to recover from the last couple of hot days.

The next morning they served us the best breakfast! Fresh fruit, porridge, eggs, bacon and freshly-baked bread with a wonderful assortment of jams on the table. I think it was our favourite of all the breakfasts.

This was Day 6