Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Hadrian's Wall Path - Once Brewed to Chesters

18 Km

Knowing today would be a long and possibly difficult day with many ascents and descents we opted for a very early breakfast (it was packed and waiting for us in the morning) and a very early start. I think it was just after 7 when we got away. The mist was rising.

The day promised to be warm and sunny. Our packs were well-supplied with water. They were heavy!

We followed the white acorn up and up.

It felt good to get to the top.

Looking eastward along Hadrian's Wall to the way forward:

Looking southward: 

A Milecastle 

There were many steep descents. We got down any way we could, not always gracefully, but always safely!

 This sycamore was featured in the movie Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves starring Kevin Costner and has been the subject of hundreds of photo ops. It sits in a small dell between the rising of Hadrian's Wall on either side.

Milecastle near Sycamore Gap in Northumberland National Park.

Looking down 

Blessed shade!

Almost at Housesteads. We paused to eat our lunch in a lovely forest. 

Yes, We walked up those crags in the distance! 

In some places, grass grows on top of Hadrian's Wall.

More shade coming up. By this time we were exhausted both from the relentless sunshine and from carrying a lot of water. Didn't fancy running out of water today! 

Um...excuse me? 

Interesting contrast between the deep yellow of gorse and the light almost fluorescent yellow of canola. We found out later that we could have left the trail near here and walked to Hallbarns, our inn for the night, saving ourselves some miles and our host the necessity of picking us up. Sigh....we pressed on.

The walk into Chesters seemed excruciatingly long. 

As arranged, our host picked us up and delivered us to this lovely accommodation, Hallbarns. I have to tell you that the inside stairs were extremely steep and we had to carry our bags up there ourselves. 

There was a pretty view out my bedroom window.

 Our host served dinner in the dining room. Besides Wendy and I there was another British couple and a single older man, a musicologist - a specialist in the hurdy-gurdy of all things - who was over for a conference and decided to maximize his time in the UK by doing a long walk. I believe they were both going in the opposite direction.

This was Day 5