Tuesday, February 18, 2014

It's That Time of Year Again

Today  the Decorah Eagles started spending a lot of time on the nest. Sometimes both at once, often the female by herself. In the picture above, Mama is on the left. She's bigger and more ferocious-looking than Papa. There are other differences as well which I have put in a previous post. 

Below is Papa.

Last year the first egg was laid on Feb. 17, so I suspect the female is feeling broody and the male is supporting her behaviour. Maybe tomorrow morning she will be sitting on her first egg of 2014. I believe the whole cycle hinges on the length of daylight. 

This pair of eagles are experienced parents and their nests have been under video surveillance for a few years. I took these shots this afternoon while watching them via the live web cam installed just overhead.  

Magnificent, aren't they!! You can count on regular updates throughout the season.