Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Warmth of Wood

This amazing piece of art is part of the "Shattered" series of artist and designer Brent Comber, who has his wood-working shop in Vancouver, BC. Isn't it stunning, backlit in this room setting?

Comber says, "The pieces in my Shattered line embody the human need to create order out of chaos and convey the idea of energy being released during the exuberant process of creation." Pretty spectacular, I'd say!

Comber has indoor and outdoor installations in both public and private places around the world. A tour of his website will lead to jaw drops of mega proportions as the self-taught, Brent Comber stuns us with his innovative ways to use wood.

  At the same time he pays tribute to the origins of the wood by preserving its integrity. Wood still looks and feels and maybe even smells like wood and we are still aware of the beauty of the original magnificent living giant.

Comber employs a small diverse group of people who are able to carry out his vision in creating these masterpieces. He is careful to use sustainable practices, using fallen and recovered wood and sending sawdust to a composting facility. Leftover pieces from larger works are recycled into smaller pieces. Nothing is wasted.
When a violent windstorm in 2006 toppled thousands of trees in Vancouver's Stanley Park, Comber was able to transform many of those trees into items both useful and decorative.