Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Puzzle

Do you love a good mystery? Enjoy a good puzzle? Cryptographers have been working on the following puzzle, but sometimes, with puzzles, it's the easy solution that gets missed, so maybe someone out there, reading this, can see something that the experts missed. Should we hand it over to a 12-year old?

Mysterious notes have been found in a Western University (London, ON) library, tucked into random books. The 15 notes found so far are all different but similar. Each note is in an envelope. The font used is similar but not the same as Wingdings and the front of each note also has a picture of a common household item such as a table on it with a web address printed on the back which links to an empty blog. Each envelope contains, in addition to the note, some sort of small item, such as a gem or a feather with 2 little blobs of paint on it. 

Professor Mike Moffatt, an assistant professor of business economics and public policy, who has taken on the challenge of finding out more, has had the notes analyzed, with no success and has also offered $100 to the person who can crack the code. 

One of the student theories is that these notes were once part of a scavenger hunt. What do you think?