Friday, March 11, 2011

Two for One

Flower Power
In January I started a Dutch Belle Amaryllis which has now bloomed. There are 2 flower stalks, with the first one showing not one, not two, but four buds! It certainly cheers us up on a snowy March morning. In the photo, you can also see, on the right, a basil plant – the first time I’ve been able to over-winter basil and on the left is a bromeliad which is coming into flower, most likely thanks to a shot of fertilizer I gave it a while back. It’s the first time ever I’ve been able to get a bromeliad to flower again.
Phabulous Pho?
There is a wonderful feature at The Toronto Star called The Dish which does a weekly nutritional exposé of a favourite menu item from a local restaurant. Readers can suggest restaurants and dishes to be examined.
The dish analyzed today is the popular Vietnamese soup, pho. Usually we think of pho as being made of lots of healthy ingredients, with fresh toppings to add to it. Guess what! It’s also a veritable landmine of salt! One serving had the equivalent of one heaping teaspoon of salt. Eaters beware! Make your own at home and monitor the salt.