Saturday, February 16, 2013

Canada Reads

Canada Reads just concluded this week on CBC Radio . Moderated by radio host, Jian Ghomeshi, over the course of four days, five well-known Canadians each defended the Canadian book he or she felt to be superior to the others. One was eliminated each day by voting among the group of five.

The last book standing on Day 4 was Lisa Moore's February, a fictional account of the time around the Ocean Ranger oil rig disaster off the coast of Newfoundland, the result of a snowstorm on Feb. 15, 1982. Perfect timing!

The People's Choice Award went to Richard Wagamese's Indian Horse.

I'm looking forward to reading both of these books. More info about them and the other three books can be found here.

Here's an audioclip of a post-Canada Reads interview with Lisa Moore, the author of February and Trent McClellan who defended it.

On Friday, after Canada Reads was all over, Jian Ghomeshi opened his radio show "Q" with a passionate monologue about Canadian literature and our identity as Canadians. Here it is: