Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mary Lee

Have you been following Mary Lee? She is a 3456 lb., 16ft. long great white shark who was caught and tagged on her dorsal fin by OSEARCH, a shark research organization, last September 17 just off Cape Cod. Throughout the fall she made her way south along as far as Jacksonville before turning back north into cooler water. Until the end of January she was enjoying the waters of the continental shelf, fond of cruising just under the surface (finning) making tracking a joy.

Most great whites spend only a short time in coastal waters before heading for the deeps. If you check the tracking record for Mary Lee on the OSEARCH website, you will see that she poked her nose into many estuaries on her way north up the Atlantic coast of the USA before finally turning east on Feb. 1. to head out to sea.

What amazes me? The incredible distances she is swimming each day, like she has a destination in mind and is intent on arriving.

The OSEARCH website is a mine of information and a joy to explore.