Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Day after a Winter Storm

This afternoon my snowshoes, my camera and I headed away from the roar of snowplows and snow blowers into the quiet of the afternoon on the golf course. In some places I could still see the faint imprints of my tracks from yesterday afternoon.

It was sunny and bright and about -7C. Perfect in other words.

Some XX skiers had been out this morning.
And a four-legged animal - coyote? - had also been out before me.
The trees were loaded with snow.
And there were a few icicles here and there.
The snow was very sculptural in places...
Can you see the sparkles in the snow? Little jewels.
Maybe not, but, trust me, the sparkles were amazing!
I passed a family of stumps wearing winter hats.
And slender weeds, laden down.

I even met myself in a forest.

Eventually the shadows lengthened...

And it was time to take off the snowshoes and head indoors. The end of a perfect day.