Friday, February 15, 2013

Hurricane Hazel

This is a tribute to a remarkable woman who must be one of the finest city mayors there is. Hazel McCallion.
Hazel has been mayor of Mississauga for the last 34 years. Many people thought she wouldn't run in the 2010 Municipal Election, but she did and won again. People all over the Greater Toronto Area appreciate her non-partisan up-front attitude and her overt honesty. Not only that, but she's a good sport, in the literal sense, lacing up her hockey skates for a turn around the ice whenever she can.
Hazel was born in the Gaspé region of Quebec in 1921. She married Sam McCallion who she met at church in Toronto in 1951. Together, they raised 3 children. He died in 1997 and Hazel carried on.
Yesterday, February 14, was Hazel McCallion's birthday. She celebrated it quietly this year with family and friends.
Happy Birthday Mayor McCallion!