Monday, April 8, 2013

All His Tweets

Chris Hadfield's tweets can all be found here and you can hide replies and retweets by ticking the appropriate box. Hadfield has a long involvement with NASA, has been in space previously and joined the ISS on December 21, 2012 as part of Expedition 35. Since then has been tweeting regular photos showing our wonderful planet from an orbit  240 miles away from the earth's surface. From that elevation, the horizon is approximately 1000 miles in every direction.

Here is a typical view of the horizon. Note how thin the atmosphere is.

IMAGE: A typical view out the window

Here are a few more of his photos from the ISS:

Finger Lakes, New York. Glaciers clawed them into the earth as they retreated during the last Ice Age.
Washington, DC, waiting for the green of Spring. Andrews Air Force Base visible at lower left.
 Charlottetown locked in the cold of winter, Confederation Bridge just barely visible from orbit.