Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Have you heard about this innovative product from Uncharted Play? It's the Soccket, a #5 size soccer ball that kids can kick around all day and then use at night as an electrical supply for a light to read by.

The waterproof non-inflatable ball contains a gyroscopic generator and stores the energy produced so that when play is over an LED light plugged into the ball will last about 3 hours. The company's intention is to get donations enabling placement of the balls, costing about US$60 apiece, in remote and disadvantaged communities around the world where there is no reliable or safe lighting.

I wonder, though, about this product. Although it's certainly innovative, it seems a bit gimmicky to me. Is this ball to help people or to enable a company to profit? Is it really going to be useful to folks using it? What do you think?